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the human eye and a camera have much in-common, far more than just the capability to capture images. He's a fill camera and pleased with it. What I must say I got is actually and is fully capable of coaching me the fundamentals of photography easily may just move out there and training. The PIXPRO is lightyears ahead and in evening shooting, in addition it sparkles in lots of excellent lighting where play and many cameras love to romp.

Canon EOS 5D Markiii / 7D / 1D Mark IV Canon 17-40 mm f4 D Canon 24-105 mm f4 L IS; Canon 70-200 mm f4 L IS; Canon 300 mm f4 L IS; Canon 500 mm f4 L IS; Canon 1.4 x Stretcher two Canon 2.0X Footing III; Inventor/seller of MPEG (Midwest Photography Enthusiasts Collection); Passions contain Beautiful and Wildlife Photography with a special interest in HDR Photography and outdoor type picture photography.

But overall this camera has became trusted, despite the quirks all digital cameras are victim to. It's also robust, I Have dropped it repeatedly, the final was a crash for the flooring, not far, but no harm done sometimes. Kodak Digital Camera Models rule of thirds and Electronic Gadgets are effective, spontaneous and economical supplying photographers the confidence needed to produce an imaginative step and find the story in most instant of the lives.